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Surviving A Difficult Psychedelic Trip

Surviving A Difficult Psychedelic Trip

This is a detailed guide on how to work through a difficult trip on psychedelics.

Having to go through a difficult trip is one thing that many people who are new to psychedelics fear. Although you can personally try to avoid a bad experience, there are some things you can put in place to help you reduce the amount of discomfort and difficulty you experience and maneuver through the hard time. You can always buy dmt online from to help set you in the right direction for a good trip.

What is a Bad Trip?

The first thing we need to explain is what exactly a bad trip is. Labeling a difficult experience as “bad” is not necessarily correct, because we sometimes need these difficult trips to help us heal and grow. Although while you’re going through it, the experience might be uncomfortable, you usually end up with a positive outcome.

Not everyone experiences the same kind of difficult trip because each kind of psychedelic provides its own challenges. The primary causes of difficult trips are usually the emotions and feelings we keep bottled up for a long time. Feelings of anger, fear, shame, or grief can come out while tripping.

Psychedelics break through the emotional walls we have set up and usually expose the feelings we have suppressed and avoided for a while. When these emotions are opened up, there is more freedom. However, before you can enjoy the freedom and all the benefits that come from it, you have to go through the difficulty of a “bad trip”. Buy dmtcarts for sale

No matter what type of difficulties you’re facing, there are some basic tools you can use to help you through it. To go through a trip, you first need to have some working psychedelics. buy dmt online from to help set you in the right direction for a good trip.

Principles To Help You Get Through A Bad Trip

Put on a Seatbelt

The seatbelt helps to keep you in place regardless of how much the vehicle sways, so you must strap yourself in tightly to prevent getting lost during the psychedelic trip. You can use your breathing pattern to keep you grounded, and this gives you a neutral activity to focus on as you try to return your body to normalcy. Keep your attention on your breath, and let it help you slow down.

Although your breathing could be very powerful at keeping you grounded, it won’t be as effective as it should be for many people. Some people may even become more anxious when focusing on their breathing, so they should move their focus elsewhere. You can shift your focus to the feeling in your feet or hand, and this can be very reassuring. It helps you focus on a part that is much more stable because the torso is the area where difficult emotions seem to be concentrated.

Another great option you can try is visualizing or using a mantra. You can try getting a classic mantra or even make something up as you trip. It can be something as simple as “I’m okay”. You can also try to visualize loving and caring people around you, or just imagine anywhere you feel safe and calm. The main goal is that what you do brings you ease. One thing that can bring you ease is ensuring you buy dmt online from to help set you in the right direction for a good trip.

Practicing Using A Seatbelt

Flow with your breathing, ensuring they are deep and go right into your belly. Then relax the breath until it feels completely natural.

Find a specific point to focus on, and it could be just the feeling of the air rushing through your nostrils or even the movement of your chest as air flows through.

Place all of your attention on this point, and even when you get distracted, go back to it! It’s okay for you to experience new thoughts or sensations as you try to focus, but ensure that your primary attention is not removed from your breathing patterns.

If your breath is not flowing naturally, then it is very easy for you to feel constrained. You should try to shift your point of focus to your feet or hands, and bring your attention back from wherever it has wandered to.

Do Not Fight The Emotions

It is very easy for the human body to go defensive once it perceives danger coming. When you’re going through a difficult trip, this could cause resistance to your experience but you must not fight the emotions. The only way you can escape this trip is by welcoming the experience regardless of how uncomfortable it feels.

Accept The Discomfort and Pain

Humans are naturally wired to seek comfort and enjoyment out of situations, but trying to resist an uncomfortable trip and push against it till it becomes comfortable can be quite a futile task. The more you resist, the more uncomfortable it will become, and this continues to go on in a never-ending loop of doom. We can only survive through the difficult trip by sitting with the discomfort and simply accepting it.

When you face such an uncomfortable experience, you have just two options. The first one is to completely turn your attention away, which is to hold on to your seatbelt. When we focus like this, we do not try to relieve ourselves of the pain, but we just allow it to be as it is. However, we ensure it is not our point of focus. We know it is there, and we feel the pain and discomfort, but it is not the main thing we have our attention on. We focus completely on our seatbelts.

The second option is to focus on the pain! To do this, you have to fully open up to the feelings and go through them. Here is a way you can do that:

Sitting With The Discomfort and Pain

The first thing you should do is notice if there is any feeling of physical resistance to the pain you’re experiencing. Try your best to relieve this pain and then leave any further tension that you still feel.

Then, you should align with the pain and zoom your attention into it. Try to gauge where the center of the pain seems to be and where it is originating from. Stay with that sensation and try to feel it as much as possible.

Then, zoom out of that particular region and feel the entire area, noticing where it seems like the pain ends. Stay with this for a short while, and ponder curiously about the sensations you feel, engaging with the vibrations.

You can even zoom out a bit more and try to notice the space that surrounds the pain center. Try your best to be aware of the pain and also the area around it where you do not feel the pain.

Release Control

You need to get rid of the belief that the discomfort and pain you feel are bad, and that you must avoid them. A significant amount of this is embedded in our need for control. We often feel that if we are in control of the experience, then we can maneuver through the pain. People who go to the gym go through intense discomfort and they work to overcome it. They know that they can stop whenever they need to, and this provides them with a feeling of safety so they can push themselves to the limit and endure the pain, which would normally be seen as torture if they were not in control.

Our ability to endure difficult experiences goes together with our ability to be alright without having complete control. We need to practice accepting experiences just the way they are and surrendering to their effects. This takes a lot of us being intentional and aware, also noticing what point we are resisting and where we should soften.

For you to let go of your control, you need to notice the expectations you have as well as your attitude. As humans, we usually either like or dislike something, and we’ll either say yes or no to an experience. When you let go of control, it should be as easy as you just saying to it.

You can try to practice this and say yes slowly and calmly to all the sensations and thoughts you experience. Try your best to ensure nothing is pushed away, and do not attempt to change anything. Just say yes, no matter how uncomfortable the situation is.


A central point in Buddhism is the idea that the suffering of people comes from the identification they receive from experiences. We can say that we are uncomfortable, confused, angry, or even hurt. When we say these, we are basically equating ourselves with the experience we have. In truth though, we are not these experiences, and they are just moments that we will eventually pass.

Shifting our viewpoint and noticing our experiences without identification helps us to create more space and become less reactionary. The main aim is to remove our identification from that experience and place it on the awareness that we receive as we observe the experience.

As we practice shifting this identity, our discomfort becomes less of a threat because we know that even though we are going through something difficult, we still have our awareness that is intact.

Practice of Non-Identification

The first thing you should do is focus on the difficult feelings that are taking your attention. Then, you need to move your focus to the part of you that is going through these feelings, and that refers to the awareness helping you observe your experience.

You should note that these feelings are uncomfortable, but the part that observes and pays attention to the feelings does not have discomfort in it.

We just drop back and notice that can observe our experience, and the part performing the observing is actually us, not just the sensations we feel or the thoughts in our minds.

You need to make a conscious effort to continuously return to this point of observation and reinforce yourself with this observer.

The Meaning

One very helpful element that can be instrumental in moving us through a bad trip is a sense of the trip’s meaning. It is a study that humans can endure almost anything once we find meaning in it.

Soldiers who fight in wars have to go through torture and terrible conditions in the hope that they will eventually reunite with their loved ones. Women have to experience the pain of childbirth just to bring a new baby into the world. If you can see the meaning and value in your difficult trip, then it will completely change your perspective of it.

What usually happens during a difficult trip is the resurfacing of suppressed feelings. When we suppress our uncomfortable feelings, we do this to ensure we don’t feel them. Psychedelics open up all these feelings and flood us with all the negative experiences we have avoided. If we see the trip as a chance to heal and process these feelings, then we will be able to face all that we’ve been trying to avoid. This can change our experience from a “bad” one to a healing and meaningful trip.


Faith is simply believing that at the end of it all, you will be fine. Some people see it as something religious, and you might have faith in things happening according to a higher purpose. This can help in pushing you through, but faith does not always have to be mystical. Faith can just be you knowing that psychedelics are generally safe and your trip will last for just a short while. Faith is also trusting that no matter what happens, you will survive. And you will survive, especially if your shrooms come from a trusted source like  Make sure you buy dmt cart online from to help set you in the right direction for a good trip.


Although we have gone through several different principles here, the most important thing to note is that you focus on the one or a few things that feel most applicable to you. We are all unique, and different methods will have different outcomes on different people in different situations.

The method that works best for you can also change after some time, so you should stay open to new ways and just explore. Trust your intuition of what works best for you.

We may not always do what works best for us, and in a difficult psychedelic trip, it is quite common to become confused and start having negative thoughts and feelings. You must keep in mind that even at that point, there is a part of you that knows you will make it through. Look for that intuition and trust it when it comes.

Even at the point where you are confused, lost, or even overwhelmed by emotions, you should never forget that the trip is just temporary, and you will be back to a grounded place that you’re used to in no time. Trust that you will survive!

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